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About Us

Mission Statement

  • We are your partners in raising and caring for your best friend. We will be there with helpful advice and essential services from puppyhood through the senior years. 
  • We are a loving and hard-working team who are devoted to understanding and enriching the minds, bodies and hearts of dogs. 
  • We are trained professionals with the knowledge to help you bring out the best in your dog and to help them to live a healthy, happy and highly social life.
  • We are a profoundly positive place for dogs to play, exercise, socialize, and learn. 
  • We are a community of dogs who are bonded by play, good manners, and friendship.

How We Started

The roots of our company are in the dog-loving community of Alexandria, most specifically the neighborhood of Del Ray in which we reside. In 2003, a movement sprang up among the residents of Del Ray to attract a dog daycare into their area. Your Dog’s Best Friends is the result of their efforts. One of those early advocates, who became an adviser to this project, Sandy Modell, captured our guiding principal in one simple phrase: “Create a profoundly positive place for dogs and success will follow.” 

We have done just that. Our mantra is “A devotion to dogs is at the heart of everything we do.”

Our Philosophy

  • We are a staff that has taken the trust of our community to heart. The way we see it, we are there to love on your dog when you are not. 
  • Loving means knowing as much as we can about each individual dog’s needs, temperament, personality, moods, fears, loves, favorite spot to be scratched, favorite buddies to play with, and favorite treat.
  • It means knowing as much as we can about the way in which dogs behave in a community so that we can guide them as they play and socialize.
  • It means knowing as much as we can about the care and leadership of dogs so that we can be your supportive partner in your dog’s rounded development of their mind, body and heart.

Our Skills

  • Everyday your dog is with us we have an opportunity to enrich your dog’s life.
  • We have worked hard, observed carefully, and applied our smarts to build a set of skills that lets us shape better behaviors and achieve results.
  • We do not believe in control by fear-based dominance, though leadership and authority do play a substantial roll. We follow the more progressive principles of positive conditioning in which a loving connection provides the foundation for control.
  • We view dogs as social animals, not pack animals. Calling them pack animals sells them short. Simply because they probably were pack animals 14,000 years ago, before they teamed up with humans doesn’t mean their current behavior is driven by “pack” psychology. 
  • Pack psychology may apply to the modern wolf, but not the modern dog. There are as many dog generations between when dogs figured out how to behave well enough to live alongside us 140 centuries ago as there are human generations between the Neanderthal and those of us alive today.
  • Every day we watch dogs in our playroom learn and exercise social skill that allow them to create complex relationships that include friendship and competitiveness. 
  • We developed skills that enable us to teach dogs better behaviors including social skills. We have discovered how provide structure and stimulation that enlivens their hearts and their minds.