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We are a 4,600 sq.-ft. full-service climate-controlled “State of the Arf”SM facility for the care and comfort of dogs. View Gallery

We built this facility with careful attention to safety, cleanliness, comfort, exercise, and fun.

We have numerous innovations and adaptations that are cutting edge. We are very proud of the thinking and execution that went into these measures and will be glad to show them to you on a tour.

While we prefer not to broadcast these innovations to our competitors, we have one that we think is so key that, if one of our competitors does not have it, we strongly suggest, for the health of your dog, that you not use them. Dogs should never spend the day running around on concrete. Playing on bare concrete pounds their joints, stresses their spine and abrades their pads. It aggravates incipient arthritis and makes any existing arthritis more painful. While most dogs adjust by simply playing less, that is not a fair trade-off.

At Your Dog’s Best Friends we have installed an advanced vulcanized rubber tile flooring nearly one-half inch thick. This floor serves as a cushion while also maximizing the ability to clean and disinfect. We are very proud that we made the financial commitment this required.

A Devotion to Dogs is at the Heart of Everything we Do

Dogs are cageless in daycare and boarding, in the open company of other dogs and watched over carefully by skilled staff, 24/7/365.