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Bedroom Boarding

Deciding where to board your dog can be a tough decision.

That's why Your Dog's Best FriendsSM has introduced Bedroom BoardingSM, a more natural, low-stress way to board your dog. We don't use cages, or stalls, or kennels. At night, your "best friend" sleeps with other dogs in a comfortable bedroom at the foot of the bed where a trained staff member spends the night.

We work hard to ensure that your best friends feels as much like being at home as we can make them. If a dog (or owner) expresses a preference for sleeping in a crate, one is provided.

Cageless boarding is provided in conjunction with Positive PlaycareSM, our new and positive approach to dog daycare. Your Dog's Best FriendsSM develops a positive obedience bond with every dog and relies on this bond to manage the care and play of the dogs. During the day, your "best friend" romps in our climate controlled 2,400 square foot gymnasium in the open company of the other dogs under the attentive management of our playcare staff.

Due to the inclusion of our Bedroom BoardersSM in our daytime Positive PlaycareSMprogram, we must require that all Bedroom BoardersSM complete our Admissions application and attend and successfully complete the Orientation Day process at least 2 days before the beginning of your dog's first overnight stay.