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Step-UP Socialization

A Program for Dogs with Special Needs

Do you worry about your dog? Do you know that your dog is incredibly lovable, but worry because you see them having bouts of anxiety or agitation/aggression or other emotional pain?

Help is right here. It is called Step-UP Socialization.

How do we know this? Because so many owners have come to us deeply concerned with the behavior of their dog. And because, through Step-UP Socialization, so many of those dogs have blossomed into happy members of our cageless community. They have then become better adjusted at home and in public.

Step-UP Socialization is a structured behavior-shaping program. It is customized to the needs of each individual dog. In this program we provide additional leadership, nurturing, and guided socialization that these dogs need to change and to heal.

In our program, anxious dogs acquire confidence that dispels anxiety. Dogs that trembled or hid, even peed, whenever they saw a stranger become confident and happy.

Dogs that appear aggressive learn socially acceptable ways to greet and play. Emotional pain is supplanted with trust. They give up counter-productive behaviors in order to focus on behaviors that win them playmates and friends.

If you have a dog with special needs, we can help. Contact us at 703-566-1111.